Random Musings: Keith Richard’s Autobiography

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Random Musings
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The Radio Nova Rock Report has been entertaining us with summarized excerpts from Keith Richard’s upcoming autobiography. The book may or may not downplay his image as a junkie, as he intends. However, if one of Richard’s reasons for writing it is damage control, I’m not sure that will work out for him.

Last night we were told of an incident concerning himself and a friend. They set off to raid an abandoned WWII bunker, hoping to find porno magazines. Once inside, they found the body of a presumably homeless man who had been dead four or five days. So they robbed him of what cash he had, and left him there without telling a soul. Oh, and they got the porno mags too. Boys will be boys.

Is this an autobiography or a Stephen King novel?


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