Random Musings:Spiderman on Broadway

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Random Musings
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If I wasn’t browsing through one of the Sunday tabloids yesterday at Costa Coffee, I would still be unaware that there is a Spiderman musical about to open on Broadway with a score by U2’s Bono and The Edge. I’ve heard U2’s contributions to film soundtracks, so I don’t have high expectations. I hope I’m wrong.

As it happens, the premier has been pushed back to January because of health and safety concerns. Apparently one of the various Spidermen required to stage the show broke both wrists while being catapulted across the stage as though from a slingshot. No actual acting was involved in the incident.

The production involves hurtling actors from balconies and staging fights above the audience. I’ll bet that all cross New York there are lawyers with tingling spider-senses.

Whether this turns out to be a roaring success or a $60 million disaster, I think Broadway has been watching too many movies.


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