Random Musings: So Much Music

Posted: January 18, 2011 in music, Random Musings
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“Just to Feel my Love, ” read the text. It wasn’t a personal expression from my baby, but the name of a song (well, almost) that she just heard on the bus. I had no idea what song she was talking about, but I was sitting in front of the Google machine, and a quick trip to we7 later we were listening to Billy Joel singing “Make You Feel My Love”, then Adele’s version.

We could have gone on; apparently dozens of people have recorded this latter-day Bob Dylan track. In Ireland alone there are versions by Mary Black, Luka Bloom, Freddie white, and Ronan Keating. Even actor Jeremy Irons has had a bash. According to Wikipedia, the Jazz pianist Bill Evens has a version of the song, which I find difficult to believe since he died 17 years before Dylan released it, but considering Springsteen just released the studio version of “Because the Night”, I guess I’d better investigate further before dismissing it out of hand.

As I listened to the various versions, the following questions came to mind:

  1. There was a Bob Dylan song on the radio I didn’t know about?
  2. Is it me, or does Adele sound a whole lot like Amy Winehouse?
  3. There so much product out there, how would it be possible for any one set of ears to listen to it all?

What is my point? One of the reasons I don’t blog more often is because I convinced myself that blogging leaves me too open to smart arses who will amuse themselves by pointing out my jaw-droppingly ignorant omissions and mistakes. My experience with “Make You Feel My Love” underlined the fact that nobody knows everything. As I’m sure you guessed, the answer to question 3 is that it isn’t possible to listen to everything, not by half. But it is possible to keep exploring and writing about it. If you know of something worth listening to and commenting on, let me know.


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