Random Musings: – Jedward Win Eurosong

Posted: February 12, 2011 in music, Random Musings
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Well, Jedward are off to Germany in May to represent Ireland in Eurovision. “Here we go again”, I can hear some of you say. Maybe not.

Jedward’s performance of the song “Lipstick” was energetic, it was well staged and executed by all, and the choreography was polished. The song wasn’t bad either, and John and Edward gave their best singing performance ever, on TV anyway. It looked and sounded like it could be a contender, although I’m not sticking my neck out and saying that it will win. The only sure thing about Eurovision is that your jaw is going to drop several times over the course of the night. However, we can only do better than previous years.

The new format didn’t hurt. Not long ago I said here that we should just let the professionals manage our entry into this contest and stay out of the way. Well, that didn’t happen exactly, there was still voting, but all five entrants had a profesional to mentor them and put together well chosen songwriters with right artists for the song. In Jedward’s case, the mentor was Caroline Downey Desmond working with songwriters Dan Priddy, Lars Jensen, and Martin Larson.

As a result of the professional approach, all of the songs and performances were of a better quality than we’ve come to expect, and although not all of them could be considered Eurovision songs, they were far above being embarrassing.

It will be interesting to see how the lads fare in May.


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