What Am I Listening To 2014 – “Ba55” by Switchfoot

Posted: January 15, 2014 in What Am I Listening To 2014
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Switchfoot, Fading West

“Ba55” is the track on Switchfoot’s latest album “Fading West” that I like most.  The song is built on a melodic, up- front bass line driven by a simple alternating kick and snare in a straight 4/4 beat.  The song itself may be relatively simple, but it has more personality than any other track on the album. The sparse vocals are a good fit and evoke a longing for release. They leave plenty of room for play with a decent variety harmonies and effects. Perhaps too many effects, but what I’ve heard so far this year over-the-top processing may be one of the running themes of 2014.

Hear “Ba55” in the What Am I Listening To 2014 playlist.

“Fading West” is the first Switchfoot album I’ve listened to. They aren’t a known entity here in Ireland, but I can see from their Wikipedia page that they’ve got a solid following back home in the states, and have done for over a decade and a half.

In contrast to “Ba55”, the rest of the album sounds “fine”. That is to say, it is upbeat and pleasant to hear with a solid clean sound and proficient vocal work. It’s also fairly bland and predictable. Most of the tracks fade too easily into the background, and there is an overall impression that this band just sounds to “clean” to be entirely credible as a rock band. Generally, I like a bit more grit in my rock.


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