What Am I Listening To 2014 – “Join the Dots” by Toy

Posted: January 16, 2014 in What Am I Listening To 2014
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Toy Join the DotsHow much you like this album may depend on how much you like your pop rock drenched in an overabundance of flange, phase, overlapping delay and other effects. It’s all a bit too much for me. Although you can clearly hear guitars being played with some proficiency and some interesting melodies and chord structures that could be influenced by mid-60’s psychedelic pop, this is still the kind of album on which you get to hear a lead-effect solo played over what may be a single note, chord, or some noise of a particular color.

Having said that, as latter day psychedelic rock albums go I much prefer this to last year’s Hookworms album, for example, which I could not relate to at all from first listen to last. There’s a part of me that wants to like this album, but any emotional connection I might have made seems to be blocked by that impenetrable wall of overprocessing.

 I went through the entire album trying to pick a souvenir for the playlist, and wound up with the title track. Not because I like it better than any of the others, but because it contains the best example of what I mean by a lead effect solo.  Also, it’s as representative of their sound as anything else.

I’d like to hear what this album sounds like au natural. I suspect I might have a better response to it.  I know that bands struggle to find a way to make themselves easily discernible in a crowd, but in this case I think less excessive production would serve them better in that.  

I can see from Metacritic that there are many people do like this album. Enjoy.

You can hear the song “Join the Dots” in the What Am I Listening To 2014 Playlist.



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