What Am I Listening To 2014 – “Sedona On My Mind” by Louis Landon

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Album Reviews, What Am I Listening To 2014
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Sedona on my mind Louis Landon“Sedona on My Mind” is a pleasant collection of solo piano compositions by Steinway artist Louis Landon.  There are variety of moods and emotions on this album yet they all stay within the margins you would expect from a pianist for peace. The music draws on his classical and jazz training without getting overpowered by either style. The tracks showcase Mr Landon’s considerable technical proficiency as well as his ability to evoke emotion gently.

“Sedona on My Mind” has received a One World Music Award nominated for solo piano album of the year.

Listening to the album will tell you Louis Landon is an experienced performer. Although you may not be familiar with him, he’s been playing professionally since the early 70’s. Louis toured with the bands of John Payne and John Hall, performed at the “No Nukes” concert.  He’s been releasing his own albums since the mid 90’s.

There is a little too much going on here for meditation, but it’s a perfect album for morning coffee, late night chilling, or helping you stay calm and cool while getting some work done.

I’ve added the title track to the What Am I Listening to 2014 playlist.


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