Slightly Used New Music 26/02/2018

Posted: February 26, 2018 in New music 2018, Uncategorized

A good many things feel old school this week, and some actually are. Being a bit pressed for time, the liner notes are a bit incomplete, and I may get back to them as the week progresses. But since the important thing is the music, and it is Monday. Here is this weeks list.

(Spotify Link Below)

Baby I Love You—Ryan Adams

An upbeat, jangly, guitar-based bit of pop-rock to start us off somewhere between 60’s radio and Marshall Crenshaw, which is kind of the same thing.

Formidable Cool (Edit)—Wolf Alice

This band is growing on me with each release. Another fine  indie track from these folks.

Thought Contagion—Muse

This “progressive” Rock band is back with their trademark full-stadium rock sound.


To bring it down a bit, an acoustic number with a bit of a jazz feel and Khehlani’s sweet voice.

Sister (radio Edit)—Tracey Thorn, Corinne Bailey Rae

This sisterhood song has a kick to it. Even though ti’s a mid tempo 4 on the floor, you can still fee the soul.

Blessing Me Again—Snoop Dogg, Rance Allen

Snoops seems to keep going from strength to strength lately with another track that sounds more like 70’s Stevie Wonder than what we generally expect from a rapper, this time in a gospel vein.

Hear My train a Comin’—Jimi Hendrix

Now this is what I’m talking about. The first pre-release track from “Both Sides of the Sky” (out March 9th) was a just about OK version of “Mannish Boy” that sounded like a warm-up number, but this is vintage Hendrix. OK, it’s not the first time we’ve heard a version of this track, but it is an excellent one.

Los Ageless (Spotify Studios)—St. Vincent

OK, so this is technically from an album released last year, but this solo acoustic version makes it sound like a different song, and the vocals are up front so you can hear the lyrics as they deserve to be heard.


This feel-good love song with the sing-along chorus just felt like it deserved to be on the list.

Nameless, Faceless—Courtney Barnett

There’s a possibility I included this because “Pedestrian at Best” was one of my favorites of the year from her debut a few years ago. This track is fine if not as unique as that one was. This is a preview from the Australian artist’s third album “Tell Me How You really Feel” do out in May.

Wait By the River—Lord Huron

There’s a slow, soulful groove on this that appealed to me. It’s possible I want this to be greater than it is. It’s not a bad track, just a little rough around the edges. I’m waiting to hear what else they can do.

Glimpse of Love—Franz Ferdinand

Ah Franz, guitar dance band that you are, you’re brand of music is as reliable as ever this time around, but some of your lyrics are so inane on “Always Ascending” that they make me cringe. “You’re not that thing that you’re doing”? Maybe if it was fleshed out a bit more, but as is it kind of sounds like a meme. Of course I could probably make this complaint about a lot of bands, but vocals are so often mixed down against the band it’s not always as obvious as on this album. However, on “Glimpse of Love” I finally found a song I can listen to.

This is That—David Byrne

I was so sure the upcoming “American Utopia” was going to sound like a Talking Heads album based on “Everybody’s Coming to My House” and then this dirge came along to confound my expectations. Imagine a Talking Heads album confounding one’s expectations. Oh, wait, hang on a minute…

What do I make of it? I suspect it’s a grower so I will let it do just that.

In the Air—the DMA’s

Have I told You Enough—Moose Blood

Act Naturally—Happy Accidents

Icarus—Dan Owen

Flora My Fawna—DaVido

Calabassas, California, 91302—Albert Hammond

Come On In My Kitchen—Johnny Winter

The Johnny Winter Compilations keep on coming, and why not? Here’s an extended blues number with plenty of slide guitar to play us out for about ten minutes from the album “Remembrance 2” out now.



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