Slightly Used New Music 26/03/2018

Posted: March 26, 2018 in music, New music 2018, Uncategorized

On time for once, here’s this weeks play list.

(Spotify link below)


Saviour—George Ezra, First Aid Kit

George Ezra and First Aid Kit both seem to be having a good year so far. this song seems to be more focused on the former than the latter. after all, it’s from his latest album “Staying at Tamara’s, which features a number of strong tracks.

Sugartown—the Fratellis

This is a mix of 60’s rock ballad, old-school, mid tempo love song with an indie feel and updated lyrical sensibilities. From the album “In Your Own Sweet Time”. Hey, it’s only been a couple of years since the last one.

Blackout—Frank Turner

Probably the poppiest thing I’ve heard from Frank turner, who I have sometimes compared to Billy Bragg. But not this time. Lyrically rich and ready for radio.  From the soon to be released “Be More Kind”, which has at least one other great track I can vouch for.

Can’t Deny Me—Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam are back to rocking out with a track from their upcoming album that they recently dedicated to the Parkland students. And it is political protest to those currently in charge of America, but you’ll be nodding your head to it first and parsing the lyrics second.

Bittersweet—George Glew

relative newcomer George give us a nice ballad about letting go when you don’t want to, with a bit of bounce and some decent lead guitar work.

Do it Like You Do—Kawala

This upbeat, predominantly acoustic track moves along nicely and features some subtle African style guitar inflections despite being a couple of young white lads from Leeds.


Here’s a darkly haunting song from new artist Tamino. Habibi translates from arabic as “my love”. this is Tamino’s first single.

Strawberry and Cigarettes—Troye Sivan

I’ve been hearing Troye a fair bit in the various new music lists this year, but this is the first one I’ve picked. It’s firmly in the pop category, but the imagery of strawberry and cigarettes kind of caught my attention. This is from the soundtrack of “Love, Simon” a film which I believe is due out soon.

Slippin’—The Magic Gang

This song starts off as a slow burner and makes you wait a bit before building up a head of indie steam. From their self-titled debut album. The guys seem rather unassuming, and it’s not the greatest band name in the world, but the music is pretty good. If you like this you’ll like the rest of the album.

Take It Up—Wilkisnon, Sub Focus

This one just felt good. It’s pretty much a dance track, but it does have a bit of a soul foundation.

Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand—Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges is a young man with an old-school soul approach to music. This one is a ballad from the album “Good thing” which is out early next month.

90 Degrees—Yazmin Lacey

This is a bit of a soul/jazz fusion from Yazmin, who seems to have been self-producing her own groove for the last four or five years. there should be an EP out soon.

Celebration—Larry Carlton

Even if you don’t listen to jazz, anyone who has ever heard Steely Dan’s “Aja” album has heard the tasteful and deceptively easy-going guitar of Larry Carlton, since it was all over most of the album. This track has near enough the same feel to some of that, although it’s an instrumental. God stuff.

Shedding—The Fin.

Some mid-tempo modern Indie/pop from Japanese band the fin. The album is called “There”, and it’s their third.

All Fall Down—Fangclub

Finally getting to some more hard rock, Fangclub are back with a single to support their upcoming tour. they’re still working on material for the album so no release date is set yet.

All I’ve Got To Do Is Forget You—TRASH

OK, I’m confused. These guys allegedly broke up in December and are now releasing a three-song single, the largest number of songs they’ve released in one go. What gives? Is this a marketing ploy? Well, anyway, it’s a pretty decent Indie song.

After Bach:flux Brad Mehldau

And now for something completely different, because we all need to cleanse our palates from time to time. I mainly know Brad Mehldau as a jazz musician, but his latest album, “After Bach”,  obviously leans more towards classical than jazz. This seems to be a solo effort, judging from this track. The man can play.

Need a Little time—Courtney Barnett

Australian Courtney Barnett has her second album coming out mid-May. This is my favorite of the two tracks that have been pre-released so far, a mid-tempo, Indie “taking a break from you” song. Now it would be nice to hear a little something as grab you where it hurts as “Pedestrian at Best” from her first album.

I Know a Place—Muna

There seems to be an epidemic of releases of acoustic version of hit songs by the same artist, but every once in a while something like this comes along that actually adds a new dimension to a track, as opposed to just milking it. So it’s worth a listen.

Freaky Friday—Lil Dicky, Chris Brown

NSFW. I’m not much of a rap fan, but this one was too much fun to ignore. I’m sure we’ve all seen, or are at least familiar with the concept of, the various versions of the Disney movie “Freaky Friday”, in which a mother and daughter exchange and are forced to live each other’s lives. Hilarity ensues. Now apply that to Lil Dicky and Chris Brown. I suppose this could have turned into an earnest track about what it’s like for a white man to suddenly be black and vice versa, and there is a small allusion to that. But mostly it’s about these two guys taking the piss out of each other, as each other. Hilarity ensues. Somehow Ed Sheeran and Kendall Jenner find their way into this before it’s over. that last bit really isn’t safe for the workplace.



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