Slightly Used New Music 04/04/2018

Posted: April 4, 2018 in music, New music 2018, Uncategorized

(Spotofy link below)

Between the Easter holiday and the school’s mid-term break, it’s hard keeping on track at the moment. So a couple of days later than usual here is this week’s list of music that appealed to me over the last week or so, starting with a Leon Bridges track that, between the voice, feel and pristine production quality just feels so good.  David Byrne gives us some comfortable familiarity in his own way. Sandro Cavazza makes great use of whistling on happy little tune. There’s a sing-along anthem from Panic! At the disco. And Genghar gives us some beautiful, next-generation, classic guitar rock.

There’s plenty else to like, I just don’t have the time to wax on about it, Although I should warn you not to skip over Superorganism’s take on “Havana” because they have definitely made it their own.  The DMA’s are sounding very much like classic Oasis, if not quite as nasally. Thunderpussy is a great name for a hard-rock band of women. And Shawn Mendes, I’m giving you a chance here partly because my daughter liked your last album so much, so don’t let me down.

At the end there are three instrumentals from completely different genres I had to include.  “Call and Response” is an acoustic guitar workout with percussion that is immersed in mid-east influences. Joshua Redman and Brian Blade have a great track that is more challenging than some of the jazz I’ve listed this year, and finally “Mass (Re-Imagined)” is somewhere between classical piano and chill out music.


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